TB Accountability Consortium

TB Accountability Consortium

The TBAC podcast: Unmasking the Tuberculosis Challenge in South Africa

Improving the rollout of South Africa’s TB programme is only going to happen if we put a spotlight on the governance of the programme.

Asking the necessary questions so that we hold our leaders to account is the first step in this process.

Our TBAC podcast series kicks off this discussion by spotlighting the pressing issues of an uncoordinated National TB Programme in South Africa.

It features conversations with public health specialists, health advocates and civil society figures in looking at the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to implement the TB Recovery Plan.

In this first episode we explore the ongoing battle against tuberculosis in South Africa, speaking to health activists, professionals, and experts to shed light on the complexities and shortcomings of the country’s TB response.

The episode highlights the need for collaboration, data transparency, and accountability in the fight against TB.

Listen to the episode here: